Our ever growing list of Networks in Yorkshire

We truly believe that Networking is one of ‘the’ key things we all need to do to have a successful business, and it’s why we have our own networking events. 

We also know that we do HAVE to share you all :0) 

We want you to network with MPWR Business Club ObVs but, we also want you to network elsewhere too.

Here is our list of some of the Yorkshire Networks out there. It won’t be all of them and I will update and add to it regularly, but please do check out the provider websites/events for the most uptodate details.

All of the information is taken from the provider’s pages and websites at the time of writing and not my personal words/opinions.

We are all different and have different businesses and everyone needs to find the right networks for them.  My advice – give them a go and see what works for you AND GO WITH A GOAL! Make sure you always go to any networking with a goal as to what you want from your time there.

Networking York - a list of groups

MPWR Business Club

Sociable relaxed monthly networking online and in York.  Open to all businesswomen (and you don’t have to be an MPWR Business Club Member to join us at networking) 

Check out all the details and dates HERE  –

First Thursday 

Every First Thursday of the month, 12-2pm at Manahatta York. Lunchtime networking with a simple format; informal networking with a friendly group, no introductions, pitches or funny handshakes. Turn up and have a chat with a colleague, and make them a friend.  For those that have not been before, First Thursday is an opportunity for professionals, traders, grafters, business owners, managers, ‘movers and shakers’ from York and the surrounding area to meet informally for a drink and a chat. There is no set format, it’s all very relaxed and it’s nobody’s marketing gig.

Check out all the details and dates HERE – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/first-thursday-7629355247

Pure Networking - York Professionals

Monthly virtual Networking events and a mix of face to face events too.

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://www.york-professionals.co.uk/events/

The Commerce Club

The Commerce Club is the new name for Eboracum Networking – a FREE, informal Business Networking group for like minded individuals in the York area. Our events are very easy going and informal, which means there are no awkward formatted presentations, introductions or pitches! Just grab a drink at the bar, make a friend and get networking! Everybody is welcome, you can even bring a friend or your colleagues along for the ride. No Fees, No Memberships, No “We already have someone in your sector”.
Please join us for a complimentary lunch at our monthly networking event at Manahatta York.

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-commerce-club-17675186240

TAP (Take a Punt)

“Doing business like it used to be done”. Connecting people from a vast array of businesses & organisations in a relaxed social environment. Delivered in fantastic venues right across the country (inc York)

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/take-a-punt-group-ltd-37253228883

She Business

In person and virtual networking for women, designed to help you progress at work or grow your business. Women in both work and self employment sometimes get stuck. How do I climb up the ladder, what opportunities will help me to maximise my skills and aspirations, how do I grow my business? How do I advance at work or grow my business and care for my family? Our networking events will help to work through these issues and more, supporting women living or working in York and North Yorkshire to progress and grow.

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/she-business-30843943759

Northern Affinity 

Business isn’t just business; it’s a huge part of your life. You’ve got dreams, so to get there, you’re going to need three things; to surround yourself with the right people, to grow and develop your skills and knowledge, and to reach the right audience. At The Northern Affinity we connect our partners in a number of different ways.  As well as traditional events we also host online collaboration and Networking opportunities. 

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/the-northern-affinity-25146601593

York Business Network

The Business Network is a structured lunchtime networking group with a national reputation for excellence. This is your opportunity to experience business to business networking at its best. It will only cost you the price of a lunch plus a couple of hours of your time.

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://business-network-ltd.co.uk

Ebor BNI (York) 

Meeting Wednesday Mornings at 6.45am

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – 

Network B2B York

Network B2B been established since 2008 and still has members in our groups who joined at the outset who say it’s the best business decision they have ever made. With groups expanding across the UK, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to make networking part of your marketing strategy. Every morning group follows the same structured agenda, meets at the same time of 7.15am – 9.00am, has roughly the same mix of businesses yet every group is different and lunchtime meetings run from 12:15 – 2pm

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/network-b2b-6722148947

FSB North Yorkshire

FSB Monthly Virtual Networking – Last Monday of the month 12-1pm.  Join us at our virtual event series for interesting presentations, essential updates and valuable networking to share challenges, successes and news. Events will continue through the year and North Yorkshire Networking will be on the last Monday of each month at 12 noon.

Check out all the details and dates HERE  – https://www.fsb.org.uk/event-calendar.html

For more upcoming MPWR events and info about our networking click here
Looking forward to seeing you very soon
Remember – you don’t have to be an MPWR Business Club member to join us at Networking