Our Community

A place to connect, grow and thrive

This is your space to be you, connect and collaborate with like minded women in business. 

When you run a business, we know how amazing it is!  But, we also know it can often be very isolating, overwhelming and very challenging, and more often than not, it’s bloody hard going!

Here at MPWR we believe it’s OK to have ‘off’ days, it’s OK to admit you don’t have all the answers, YET. And, we believe you should feel that way too. Asking for help is OK, not knowing is OK, and helping each other, sharing our stories and supporting each other is what our Community is ALL about.

By joining our community you have a team, right there to chat to, to ask for help, to laugh with and to grow with.

Join in the conversations, share when you are having a great day, share when you are having a not so great day and, if you think someone in the group is looking like they are doing way better than you, give them a shout and ask them how they are doing it!

Learn from them!

We have created a space for businesswomen, to connect, inspire, create, collaborate, learn, grow and ultimately thrive, in both life and business.

No matter where you are on your business journey - we've got your back