Do you follow your gut?

“Intuition is your inner tutor, the ability to access all your previous experiences, look at the situation in front of you and calmly decide your next step.”

We often talk about ‘gut-instinct’, just ‘follow your gut’, and a ‘women’s intuition’.

Our member and Kinesiologist, Claire Cutler-Casey explores what it means to listen to our bodies and reconnect to it. In this article she explores why we second guess ourselves and how kinesiology can help.

There’s so many articles about gut instinct and a woman’s intuition. I was interested in why it’s a women’s not a man’s. The general gist after a bit of googling is:

“Science suggests women’s intuition is a product of evolution. Females with a strong ability to understand and predict the needs of their offspring and mates thrive over females with inferior senses.”

Interesting isn’t it? Have a read of Claire’s article. It might just get you thinking, like it did me. What would happen if we followed our gut more. It could be about a decision for our businesses future, a person we might be collaborating with or a personal encounter. Whatever you make if it, if listening to your gut can allow you to calmly assess a situation and make a decision. I am in!


Claire Cutler Casey

More about Claire: 

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