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Will being a member of MPWR help me get clients/make sales/?

YES. Everything we do is to get your business or career where you want it. Which includes getting more clients or sales.

What exactly do I get as a member?

Join MPWR for help in getting your business or career where you want it, including: 

  • Access to attend Monthly face to face York Women Mean Business Events
  • FREE Monthly Online Networking
  • Member Directory Listing on our website (going live and a wip from January 2023)
  • New Masterclass Recording available every month for you to watch on demand (in addition to our packed library of masterclasses and business resources
  • Perks & Discounts from MPWR Partner Organisations

Are face to face networking events included in the membership fee?

No. Face to face events are not included in your membership fee, but can only be accessed by members.
There is a fee for event tickets. This purely covers the cost of the venue, food and resources provided at each event.

Is online networking included in membership fee?

Yes! All online networking is included FREE in your membership.

How do I find out about MPWR Events?

If you have notifications set up, you will be emailed/messaged when something new is added. We also email all our members with ‘what’s on’ notifications. Or head to our Events page.

Why are MPWR Women Mean Business Events member only?

We have introduced this from 2023. We feel it fits better with what we are about – building connections. Events being for members only, means that everyone there is committed to this community and they attend regularly. meaning you can build better and lasting relationships.

I'd like to come along to an event before committing to membership, can I do that?

Absolutely! We welcome you to come along to any event throughout the year as a guest. Just select guest ticket when you buy on eventbrite. You can come along as a guest once, to a Face to Face event AND an Online session, to come again you will need to sign up and become a member.

I don't really know in what direction I should take my business/career. Should I join?

Yes. MPWR is perfect if your business/career isn’t where you want it to be. In MPWR, you can get support from us and other businesswomen on a similar path.

I haven't got a plan. Should I still join?

We are all about ‘the plan’. So join us and get a plan! Not sure if you should work on streamlining your processes? Go for that promotion, Or whether you should take on employees or go somewhere else? No problem. We are here to help you find clarity on your best next steps.

Isn't MPWR Business Club just another networking group that will overload me with more things to do?

Be reassured, we are not about more ‘stuff’. In fact being a member of MPWR is quite the opposite. We add depth and focus to the knowledge you already have. We help you gain momentum to move forward, rather than loading on more distractions to hold you back.

Do you cover techy stuff?

Yes, we can help you uncover the right tools for your business or role and anything you’re stuck with. As long as we have access to it, we can show you how to use it. And if we don’t have access, we will do our best to help you find a solution!

How much time will I need each week as an MPWR member?

Just 15 minutes a week checking into our online community will make a huge difference. Here you can connect, chat to other members and start to build your connections.  To make the most of what’s on offer, we recommend an hour a month for learning. Most of our Masterclasses are half an hour or less. This should give you the time to watch something and starting implementing what you’ve learnt.

Our WMB Networking events are 3 hours – Goal Setting & Planning Workshops are 3-4hrs – and Online Sessions are a snappy 1 hour.

Why is MPWR women-only?

We are not anti-men. Far from it! Our members have male partners, husbands, brothers and sons. However when we did run mixed networking in the past, it just didn’t work as well. At one event the ratio was five men to 50 women. The men felt outnumbered and some of the women felt inhibited about sharing their personal challenges.

There is also real power in seeing someone who looks like you succeeding, and telling their story.

However there are many great mixed networking groups out there. We recommend The Northern Affinity if you’re in the North of England. Or the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) across the UK. Check out our blog post too for lots more reccomendations

Do you welcome people who identify as female?

Yes. Anyone who identifies as female is welcome

What platform do you use for the Business Club Member Only online area?

We use the Mighty Networks platform. It’s like a more tailored version of Facebook and is really easy to navigate.

I already use this platform for another group. Does this mean I will need another app?

You can switch between networks from within the App and login to other Mighty Networks from there. Do this by:

  1. Going to the Main (Home) feed
  2. Clicking on the menu in the top left corner of the screen
  3. Clock the Switch networks option at the top of this screen

On the desktop web version, you need to log out of what network and then into another.

Once I'm a Business Club Member, do I need to join/be active in the Facebook Business Community as well?

It’s totally up to you. Our Facebook Business Community is open to members and non-members alike, so there may be some women who could be helpful to connect with.

What do people think about MPWR Business Club?

Here’s what out Members have to say about what’s included:

Book Club

“MPWR Book Club is one of my fave things about my MPWR membership. I get to read a new book every month and then ‘get together’ with other members to chat about what we got from it. Everyone always has a different take away.”

– Pascha Turnbull, Inc Dot Design & Print 

Picture of Business Club Member Pascha Turnbull

Goal setting & Planning

“This is a magical first step for me. It’s the first time in ages I have really sat down to look at my business like this. The masterclass has re-energised me, given me new focus and a very informed support group to brainstorm with. It has made me feel part of a team.”

– Ciara McCabe, Kindeas

Ciara McCabe


“Your return on investment is great and the free masterclasses are fab… We had a great Instagram class recently, I have put so much of that into practise already and it’s all included in the subscription. MPWR is absolutely brilliant.”

– Hannah Swierstra, Balance VA Services

Hannah Swierstra

Online Networking

“I always think of these sessions as a bit like going to the staff room at work. Good conversation and the social interaction that I need working on my own.”

– Geraldine Mace, Life Transition Coach

How much does membership cost?

Ready to build the business YOU want? We have monthly and annual subscriptions. Find out more in Join as member.

What happens if I join but decide to leave?

We are sure you are going to LOVE your MPWR Business Club Membership. However if you’re not 100% happy with what you see, then let us know within the first 14 days of joining. We will issue a no quibble refund.

ANDREA Morrison

“It’s a great environment, a great community of supportive women on a similar journey to me. MPWR has some lovely female entrepreneurs who can help you grow your business. I have got a lot of work from it.”

Andrea Morrison, Coach, Mentor, Writer & Tedx speaker