Flip It: How to get the best out of everything - Michael Heppell

By Tracy Burleigh

The book we read and then discussed at Aprils Book Club was Flip It by Michael Heppell, which I was pleased to see, was quite a short book :0)

“Flip It challenges readers to get curious about how they interpret and handle every situation. Liberating them from the beliefs that have been holding them back and giving a powerfully simple way to flip their thinking and energise their actions, so that they can get the very best from whatever life comes their way”.

The book does start with a REALLY big statement – That it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! ermmm not sure that is true for me, but it certainly got me thinking and, I’ve already put a few of the suggested Flips in place! and…. they work! so …who knows? If you do every suggested flip it just MIGHT be life changing?

All those that had read it with us agreed it was nicely written, easy to read and a nice layout.  Although we all read it front to back you can also just dip in and out into chapters which is useful (defo when going back to it at a later date on something specific)

Everyone loved the positiveness of the book, and as with many books you read, it’s a bit of a ‘pat on the back’ when you find yourself nodding, as you do those things already (or know we should do). 

Although there were a few nice ‘nuggets’ in the beginning sections, we all agreed the second half of the book was much better than the 1st.  If you decide to read this book DONT GIVE UP keep reading as you wont be disappointed.

The bits that were much preferred by our Book Club Group were the section talking about breaking a routine, questions to ask at networking, how ‘v’ why, money, health, taking a risk and creativity.

One of the stories in the book really stuck with me.  It was all about a shirt company that had a premium product, hand finished by sewers who only sewed one part of the shirt each.  They have often been asked why they don’t change to a machine process so the shirts can be made faster therefore having more shirts to sell. The owner of the business replied to this question saying that only the eye of one of his expert sewers can match pieces of fabric as precisely as they do, and that a machine simply couldn’t do that.  To this the question was asked “who would notice” The business owners answer was “we would!” 

I LOVE that! Those buying a shirt from that business are buying a certain quality that simply couldn’t be manufactured any other way. And that is a very cool business!

Lastly I’m going to leave you with a thought from this book – when something isn’t quite going to plan and you need to decide what to do, think…. what would nature do?

This is a great little book that I reckon everyone will get lots from and we know we will be keeping it on the bookshelf to go back to from time to time.

Enjoy x