By Nicki Cawood, Small Business Copywriter

In this workbook, Business Club Member Nicki Cawood, The Small Business Copywriter covers everything you need to consider to get started with a content strategy. 

A content strategy ensures that your message gets to the right people, at the right time, in the right way and provides results. With as many as 70% of marketers reporting to Hubspot that businesses are actively investing in content marketing in 2020, it makes sense to ensure you are doing the same. With a solid plan in place that is geared towards your target audience, you will thrive, despite fierce competition in your sector.

In this workbook Nicki covers a lot! Learn about:

  • What is Content Strategy?
  • Is a Content Calendar the Same as a Content Strategy?
  • Who Will Be Looking at Your Content?
  • What’s So Special About You?
  • What Problem Will You Fix?
  • Where Will You Share Your Content, and How?
  • Who Will Manage Your Content Creation?

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This workbook was created by MPWR Business Club Member, Nicki Cawood. 

“As a Copywriter, I’ve been working with clients on their content needs since 2006. I love to see how words, when crafted and wielded the right way, make a positive difference to small businesses and contribute to their success.”

Nicki Cawood, Copywriter