Do you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?

By Tracy Burleigh  

That’s what we are exploring in our LIVE Workshops this month.

Today Kerry hosted the first of our two live workshops sharing her personal insights, understandings and learnings.

Rather than literal challenges this month it’s more about starting to think differently, starting to question how we think and react and … how we can make small changes that will make a huge difference to our Growth

If you haven’t come across this topic yet, have a look this great little vid, Understand Mindset, which explains the two different mindsets – Fixed and Growth.


Kerry went on to share some examples to help us further understand the differences.

If you are of fixed mindset you may find you have traits such as – ignoring input from others and focusing only on your own success, where someone with a growth mindset would  – embrace challenge, persist against setbacks and value the success of others.

The thoughts of someone with a fixed mindset might include – ‘everyone is better at this than me’ whereas someone with a growth mindset would look to improve and educate themselves to be as good or better.

The feelings of someone with a fixed mindset might be – anxious about the possibility of failing, where someone with a growth mindset would see it as a fab challenge!

I’m sure you know someone that is definitely either of fixed or growth mindset and similarly I’m sure you are seeing how you yourself are one or the other, or maybe that you are a bit of both? – I know I see myself as sometimes both, but after today I can now see that understanding both of these mindsets means I can better understand others and myself and I’m defo looking forward to delving into this topic deeper.

It is OK to be either or both by the way! It’s just about thinking about it and being open to the opposite …

Going forward Kerry challenged us all to –

  • Take a challenge over an easier/safer option.
  • If we hit an obstacle to try to interpret it in a growth mindset way and think what can I learn from this, what can I do next?
  • And if you see someone that you think is better than you in some way, ask their advice and learn from them

This shift isn’t something we should be rushing into, instead we should ease into it by simply  thinking, and monitoring those fixed mindset triggers.

My big takeaway from today was that how an addition of one ‘tiny’ word can be SO Growth Mindset! – I’m not good at that …..YET!

Looking forward to learning more next week!