Another great Live with Kerry, over in MPWR Business Club - By Tracy Burleigh

Our Growth Mindset Theme continued with the last of the two Lives, which was a mix of slides, and our members sharing their Growth thoughts and experiences.

Lena Henderson shared with us the principles she uses when working with children and their parents on Growth Mindset and I couldn’t believe how literally everything she was talking about was in fact NOT just for children and parents – It can be used by all of us.

Children can however often do it easier than us Lena explained, simply because they don’t have the thoughts and fears we do.  That we will fail, that we don’t have time, that it’s too hard etc! And they are simply more excited about ‘something new/a challenge’ whereas we tend to see things as ‘too much’ of a challenge and often give up during or before we have started!

We need to be more like our younger selves me thinks!

She went on to explain her top tips for expanding our minds and accepting of a Growth Mindset including setting high expectations, using the phrase ‘I can’t do that YET!” and seeing a challenge as a positive thing and not giving up!

Pascha Turnbull told us that although we see her as defiantly having a Growth Mindset, she doesn’t necessarily see herself that way.  This is something she has been working on for a while now by her mantra that ‘you should never stop learning’ and I’m sure you will agree with us that that is the very definition of Growth Mindset right there!

We talked about examples of businesses that have thrived during the recent pandemic including a candle company that devised an online quiz so they could work out what your ‘ideal’ scent would be, without being able to be in a physical store and sniffing loads of candles to choose.

There are many many awful stories and figures out there about the devastating effects on businesses due to COVID, however, there is also a tad of light there for many too –

  • 2m SMEs are thought to have adjusted their plans due to COVID
  • 20% increased the way they communicated with customers
  • 18% moved online
  • 10% pivoted to a new market

Kerry’s final message today and her top 5 takeaways for Growth Mindset are –

Be Curious, look at failure as a learning opportunity, be optimistic, believe in yourself and use the power of “YET”