Tonight our guest expert speaker and business club member Andrea Morrison talked to us about How to create the ultimate mindset for resilient and confident growth. Andrea started the session by asking us what we see as the Ultimate mindset. BIG QUESTION!

It was a really interactive session. Really got us all thinking. Wow.

Andrea went on to talk about how we get to be the creator of our own experience – way more than we might think we do. We don’t have to believe our own thoughts.

She shared so much wisdom and experience with us. She talked about examples of how sometimes we are so IN our own heads. Sometimes we know we just need to step away from something, but we don’t let ourselves.

When we’re in a clear state of mind. Things are better. 

She had a fantastic analogy about the rumble strips on the motorway. We have those internal rumble strips in our mind. When we drive on those, we move. As soon as we notice – we need to try and tap into our state of mind in the same way. Notice when we are feeling a certain way. If you’re getting stressed or frustrated. Listen. Change course. Go for the walk. Make a cuppa. Step away.

When we notice our state of mind, we can choose what we do with it. Being aware of it and noticing it is the key. We all have the ultimate mindset already. It’s just about awareness of it.

The full recording of the session is available for our business club members to watch back. 

Andrea is a York based coach, mentor, writer and Tedx speaker, who shares an impactful state of mind understanding enabling kind-hearted business leaders & professionals to become confident, resilient, and reach their potential whilst maintaining balance in their lives.

Andrea Morrison