How to talk to anyone (92 little tricks for BIG Success in relationships) by - Leil Lowndes

How does it work

This book has 336 pages divided into 9 sections comprising a total of 92 sub sections. Most of the tips are less than 3 sides long with a brief summary paragraph in a shaded box, making them super easy to see as you flick through the book.

The techniques are quick to read, easy to understand and simple to implement.

The reader is guided through effective ‘how to’s’ so you’re never left feeling like you understand what you’re meant to do with no hope of ever doing it.

What does it do for the reader?

Leil quickly smashes the myth of the clique (on page 1) and the rest of the book goes on to explain exactly how anyone can be a member of the perceived clique and be that person who ‘works the room’ having conversations with anyone and everyone that leave all involved with a warm feeling.

The author explains some of the psychology around why we judge ourselves the way we do, how we can destroy a relationship before it has a chance to really hit its stride and effective techniques to prevent us being our own saboteur.

The best thing about this book is that it doesn’t teach manipulation – it’s a pure common sense approach to starting, engaging with and extending meaningful conversations as a method of creating successful relationships – in any area, including business.

The book will increase your self-awareness exponentially, you’ll find yourself nodding and saying ‘Yep, I do that’ quickly followed by ‘Oh, that’s a great idea, I’m gonna try that’. Whether you dry up straight after you’ve said your first hello, find it difficult to stop talking once you start or have no idea how to exit a conversation and move onto another, this book has loads of practical advice.

Why do I like it

I came across this book when I was making a concerted effort in the dating world and failing to have meaningful exchanges with potential dates. Realising the common denominator was me I decided to address the issue. I had always struggled with what I perceived to be ‘small talk’, failing to appreciate its significance in establishing quality relationships.

This book completely changed that for me.

Put simply, this book is an accessible treasure trove of easy hints and tips to help you start conversations and help others start conversations with you.

I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in situations where they want to connect effortlessly with others, even if they are not the best at small talk.

It’s a fabulous resource to help you feel comfortable around anyone and strike up a dialogue that can be the doorway to a meaningful connection, because it teaches clever openers that are focussed on making it easy for the other person to engage with you. No tricks, no difficult scripts to memorise, just useful, practical tips to help you chat easily with every person in the room (even those who can be a pain in the neck) and enjoy yourself too.

If you do decide to dive in I hope you find it as useful as I did,
I look forward to having a chat with you about it at networking sometime

Claire Cutler-Casey (guest blogger :0)

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