"I do it in the bath"

Another member revealed they do it when they are out walking. 

Where do you do your visualising?

Visualising where we want to be and how we want to feel long term is a crucial step to success. Whether that be personal, home life or business, it’s important to have a long term view. It’s something I think we all know we need to do but for whatever reason we put it off.

Vision Board Workshop

Last night Tracy, MPWR Founder, ran a vision board workshop with our members. I have to admit, before doing this the idea of a Vision board felt seriously cringey. Like I would need to look deep inside myself and figure it all out and then get the glitter pens out and stick it on an actual board (I might still do that by the way!).

Turn’s out. It’s not like that.

Interestingly, lots of members had already done this kind of thing before, but the difference this time is having us lot to do it with. We agreed to share our visions and then keep each other accountable for working towards achieving them.

Tracy took us through the importance of having a long term vision and then breaking that down into smaller and achievable steps. There’s a recording available for any members who missed it to watch back.

One member shared that they find it hard to be visual, so they slightly adapt the process and find that writing down how they would feel is easier for them. Whatever they then write down can be made into visual things that they can look back at and be reminded of the feeling they are looking for.

“A dream or vision stays as a dream or vision unless you actually get on and do something about it.”
Tracy Burleigh
Tracy Burleigh
MPWR Founder

That’s why next week we get back together to build out our 90 plans on the back of creating this vision board. You don’t have to have the vision board all done before you can start 90 day planning, but it’s a great step to have some long term goals in place first. It helps you figure out why you get out of bed in the morning, and we all need that!

Thinking we’re a bit late to the planning party? It’s already mid January? Well, have a read of this, we explain why we do it this way as it’s what works for us. It’s important you find what works for you – we can help with that during the 90 day planning process.

Anyway, members get to do this with us, we work together, keep each other accountable, support each other and just get on and do it!

I can’t wait to get cracking with my vision board ready for planning next week.

Kerry Perks, MPWR COO

You haven’t missed anything, the sessions are recorded to watch back when you’re ready and you can join in with the planning at any time.