Pinterest Masterclass - by Tracy Burleigh

This week we invited Expert and BC Member, Melanie Chambers of OH! Agency, to host a Pinterest Masterclass.

Mel is the founder of ‘OH! Not your average agency’ which Is a “no bullshit digital agency for brands that want to make the right noises in the right places”

My experience of Pinterest before the Masterclass was, I had used it to create a Private Board once, a sort of virtual scrapbook for the garden and the house,  and I’d also been sent a Private Board as part of a branding package, showing me examples of outfits, so yeh…I thought this wasn’t something I would be overly interested in nor did I think I would be able to use Pinterest as a business tool for MPWR!


I knew the areas to be covered in my masterclass included – is Pinterest just another social media platform? Who are you Pinning to? What are you Pinning? and how often are you Pinning etc but …I had NO IDEA that I would literally be blown away! 

I simply had no idea that Pinterest could be such a powerful tool for a business and how it can be used to get you out there in front of people looking for what you can offer! It was a total DUR moment when Mel talked about how often, when you search for something on Google (other search engines are available) that a post on Pinterest would be right there, high up page one, pretty much every time!

The main thing I learned was that Pinterest is SO NOT another social media platform and that it is in fact a very powerful SEO tool that we can use to point people to our websites and Facebook pages etc. (I have also since learned that it’s very addictive and you can lose hours looking at pretty pictures LOL) 

I’m particularly looking forward to watching the recording back and putting all Mels advice and tips into action. 

If you didn’t manage to catch the masterclass Live, then do catch the recording! ESPECIALLY if you are thinking “Pinterest isn’t right for my business”.  If you have a service or product offering, and have a website and/or social platforms that you want to get out there and have more people see …then Pinterest IS for you!

Business Club Members – find the recording over in Business Club – The Good Stuff

and thanks SO MUCH Mel x …. MIND TOTALLY BLOWN!

Tracy x x 

You can catch Mel over at OH!