Happy International Women’s day 2022!

To celebrate, I wanted to share a bonus expert Q&A with you all about The Mental Load. I recorded it last week and it seemed like a great topic to explore when we are thinking about #breakthebias 

As women we carry a HUGE mental load. We tend to take on so many roles and wear so many hats in life that it can become really overwhelming. Even more so when you run your own business too.

In this bonus expert Q&A I chat with Lisa Florit. Lisa is a coach specialising in working with women in leadership positions.

She has first hand experience of both a senior corporate career and balancing the rest of life. Plus, she is now a micro business owner herself, a one woman band, who can relate to the mental load we carry with us.

We chat about some real life experiences with mental load. How as women we are the CEO of our home (hands up if you’re the one who is the knower of all things too)

Lisa explains why we carry the mental load we do and shares some fantastic practical tips on how we can start to manage it. 

We cover: 

 – what is the ‘Mental Load’

– why do I feel so responsible for everything?

– how do I get others in my household to do their fair share without it ending a row?

– if I’m overwhelmed how do I know what to delegate or just stop doing altogether?

If you want to check out the recording – it’s only 20 mins, head over to our FB Community:


Here’s all Lisa’s links:

Link to website https://www.alto.uk.com/

Linked in page https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisaflorit/

Instagram @lisaflorit_alto


YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF3gobVVhpZxOHzZRREMBvQ


I’m Lisa and I help women leaders to grow their careers and have a great family life – at the same time!

I do this through 1:1 coaching, my Achieve Your Potential© development programme and a various short workshops. I’ve been doing this wonderful work for the last 8 years, since I left my corporate career as an HR Director. Having spent 25 years in my HR career, in industries including Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals, I decided to take the exciting (and very scary) step of working for myself to enable me to focus on what I felt most passionately about – developing others, most specifically women leaders.

Lighten your mental load


I love what I do because I can help other women to stop the constant striving and start feeling proud of themselves. I believe that women should feel empowered, in control and proud of their lives. 

I want more of us to be leaders in this world.