What a week of The 90 Day Planning Challenge workshops. Last week we kicked off 2021 with our 5 day challenge. It involved daily live workshops to work together on producing our 90 day plans. Each day we set a challenge to go and complete - the goal was to have a polished 90 day plan by the end of the week.

On the 13th of January we got together to produce our annual Vision boards (check out the pics on this page to show a selection of some of our boards). This  is a great first step to planning out your goals. See more on that session here

Then, last week, MPWR Founder Tracy took us through her methodology to produce a 90 day plan.

You might be wondering why we are doing this in January? Why didn’t we start in December to be ready to execute the plan in Jan? Well, we don’t work like that – here’s why. 

We will follow this pattern instead:

Jan – Plan

Feb-Apr – Execute

May – Reflect & Plan

June-Aug – Execute

Sept – Reflect & Plan

Oct-Dec – Execute

And so on…

When we started on Monday, there were some who hadn’t done vision boards yet, some who had, some had done this kind of thing before, and some who hadn’t. Everyone took some key next steps away to get them started with this process.

“I have done Vision Boards before, but then never broken it down further like this. This may have been my downfall, you have given me a lot to think about. Thank you.”

“This is a magical first step for me, it’s the first time in ages I have really sat down to look at my business like this. So thank you for putting this on.”

vision 2021
minimalist vision
vision table
road vision
Vision Board 2
Heart Vision Board

We have genuinely worked through this process TOGETHER. With the guidance of Tracy, her knowledge of planning, goal setting and time management setting each challenge, the progress members made this week has been unbelievable.

We have shared our work, asked for feedback, supported with advice and encouragement AND kept each other accountable to get it done.

We know that it’s hard to make every challenge at the live time (10am Daily), so we have shared them afterwards as recordings, so no member needs to miss a thing and that this can be picked up in the future by any new member or indeed a member that didn’t manage to take part this time around.

We have also been building our plan at the same time. Tracy and I have worked through the same process. We are very honest and open with our members and want to build this community as a team. This week our members have given us help and advice on our plans too. It’s absolutely priceless, it feels like we are working as part of a much larger team of exceptionally talented women from all types of business backgrounds.

We are truly overwhelmed with the feedback.

“It’s been great, thank you”

“I am managing homeschooling right now, so finding that really tough and not having time to plan ahead. This is why I want to be part of this challenge.”

“Since doing the Vision board workshop last week, knowing that this week’s challenge was coming up I have already booked one of my goals in. It’s not until June, and it may get moved due to COVID, but it’s booked. So now I just need to make it happen.”

“I haven’t even done my actual Vision board yet, but just from being on the session last week I know that as soon as possible we need to get the house on the market. I’ll be getting that done this week.”

“Thank you so much Tracy for today’s session.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.”

“What a revelation it is to see someone elses’ trello board.”

If you’d like to join us for the next challenge, or get inside our community and catch up with this one, we’d love to have you join the team.