Angie Doig-Thorne

York Hypnotherapist
Phone: 07919 577522 Website:


Angie Doig-Thorne is a highly sought-after motivational Hypnotherapist and Coach based in Yorkshire. Being an expert in change, she believes that anyone can change their mindset and change their life, if they truly want change. The power of the mind is a phenomenal tool that can be used to reach your goals using your conscious mind and with Hypnotherapy accessing your unconscious mind to create positive change. Angie is also an EFT Practitioner with many year’s experience helping people to de-stress and let go of trapped negative emotions.

Angie specialises in Stress Therapy and Weight Management. Most of her work is one to one, but she offers Stress Management workshops to businesses and has successfully worked with schools, radio stations and local businesses.

Angie continues with her professional development in many areas of Hypnotherapy and mental wellbeing, to enable her to offer up to date techniques. Having come from a health and fitness background with many years’ experience as a Personal Trainer, Angie works with both mind and body. Her passion is about change, helping stressed and anxious people become calm, collected and in control. Working with unhappy, unhealthy, stressed, overweight people to change their lifestyle and relationship with food and exercise.

Angie will challenge the way you think in a straight-talking way, but she is professional, empathetic and passionate about the work that she does. Angie’s favourite saying being, “You are what you think you are!”