Katy Garner


I’m Katy Garner, a holistic mind body coach, hypnotherapist & fertility yoga teacher.


My TTC journey began 12 years ago at the age of 30.

I’ve had 4 miscarriages, one failed round of IVF & have 1 Fallopian tube remaining

Due to my chromosomal abnormality & my age, my chances of having my own biological baby now are teeny tiny!

If I had known long ago what I know now, I could have got through those many two week waits with a some sanity in tact, saved myself years of mental & emotional torture
& lived my life freely instead of waiting for the baby to magically appear & ‘make me better’

On the other hand, I would also not have become an Advanced Hypnotherapist, wellness Coach, or a 500hrRYT specialising in fertility Yoga

… and I would not currently be here, ready and eager to help you!

I can help you nourish your body, rewire your mind & harness your thoughts & emotions to have regain control & have an empowered & positive TWW & TTC experience

I can’t guarantee a baby – but I can equip you with a strong resilience and a peace of mind that assures you feel once again like the capable, competent woman you know you are

When you’re looking for support from someone who knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes, I can help

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