Andrea works with people to enable them to reach their potential.

She works with them to let go of stress, self doubt, fear, whatever it is that’s holding them back. Wow.

Her career story is really interesting. Just over 10 year ago she was a successful employment law barrister. She experienced burn-out and having a young family she was balancing just too much. Stressed and overworked. She suffered a lot with imposter syndrome and talks about the cycle that can get ourself into.

She got ill. This was a wake up call.

She tried a number of different things and eventually got into what she is doing now.

Have a watch or listen – 20 min view. Such an inspiring and honest woman.

She joined MPWR in the early stages of her business. It gave her the opportunity to meet with likeminded business women without pressure. 

Andrea Morrison

‘A nice bunch of really supportive women who were on a similar journey to me. It started a really rich network and a really supportive environment. It’s been really good for my business as well. I have got a lot of work from it.

I asked her what she would say to anyone considering joining us:

“Definitely join! I wouldn’t think there would be any hesitation there at all. It’s a great environment, a great community…. Some lovely female entrepreneurs who are ambitious and connected, they’ve got great businesses and can really help you grow your business and support you and of course you may get a client or two as well on the way which is always a good thing.”

Andrea is a York based coach, mentor, writer and Tedx speaker, who shares an impactful state of mind understanding enabling kind-hearted business leaders & professionals to become confident, resilient, and reach their potential whilst maintaining balance in their lives.

Andrea Morrison