Angie has a really interesting and inspiring career. She is one of so few people who absolutely puts her own self care and health first. This chat with her is really interesting, we learn about her programmes around Weight management, anti-depression and anxiety. Motivational hypnotherapy.

“I love to see fast change in people” – she works with lots of different kinds of people from a background in fitness.


She has worked in finance and insurance, has co-managed a building company, been a personal trainer and is now a hypnotherapist – have a little watch and see what she has to say about he career, her motivation and her experience of working for herself for the last 25 years. Her passion really shines through and she says she is too much of a rebel to work for anyone else.

Her mantra is to live one day at a time, and have the best day every day. She certainly does that!

She talks about her challenges in business and how she has adapted and gone online in the last 18months or so to react to the COVID pandemic. She now has a much wider geographical reach, it’s ended up working really well because she didn’t give up and found a solution.

Did you know anyone could be hypnotised? I didn’t…


I asked her what she likes about MPWR:

“You work for yourself, you work from home, you’re isolated. But I like about MPWR is the likeminded people and it’s an opportunity to meet, chat, brainstorm and socialise. It works so well for me.

Online networking has worked so well for me as it makes you speak to more people than you normally would when you’re networking in person as you naturally go to the people you already know in person.”

She talks about the value of you network, it’s something Angie has really worked on to grow her business and reputation through getting to know people and connecting.

To anyone on the fence about joining MPWR business club, she says:

“Go for it! You’ll have a team behind you that will be your cheerleaders. It’s such a friendly bunch compared to some networking I have done. It isn’t pushy selling, which is what i love. It’s informal and getting to know one another, getting to know what we do as businesses. It’s having a team there 24/7 that can help you support your business and help you within your business and you can do the same for other people.”

She loves to coach others and those that are just starting out as she has the experience of 25 years of doing it.
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Twitter: @AngieDoigThorne
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