Member Spotlight, Carly Crawford

Carly CrawfordSo Carly, Tell us about what you do?

I’m a copy-editor and blogger who along the way has learnt a number of new skills such as SEO, Pinterest, Social Media etc.

I currently have two blogs that I run, one is an established Parenting and Family Travel blog , the other is a brand new one which is focused on my journey to live a more intentional life –

How did you get into that?

I sort of fell into blogging. I didn’t really know much about it at first, but my sister suggested I try it. I was in a bit of a dark place at the time, my daughters were very young, and I had recently moved away from my parents to an isolated part of South Africa where I didn’t know anyone and struggled with the language barrier. I turned to blogging as a way of venting my frustrations. In time I found a community of online friends, I discovered that blogging could actually be a business as well as a creative outlet and started to take it more seriously. After a while I became quite well known in the South African blogging community. People would come and ask me for advice, and tips etc. I decided to set myself up as a freelancer so that I could turn ‘giving free advice’ into a training and service provider. Along with the advice I began offering workshops, 1-2-1 training and wrote several blog posts (as you do when you’re a blogger). I even wrote a book which is a guide to getting set up on Pinterest and how to use it for your business. 

In the middle of all this, my family and I immigrated back to the UK after being gone for 8 years. The transition for my blog and rebuilding my audience to be more relevant to my new day-to-day life was a challenge, and it forced me to take SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – aka how to be found online) more seriously, to learn how to target local audiences for local content, and how to target a wider audience for the more general content. After spending a lot of time learning as much as I could about it online, sharing my knowledge etc, I recently decided to take this one step further. I’ve just started studying an MSc at York St John University on Digital Marketing and Data Analytics. Returning to studying is a challenge. Having to balance that with family life, lockdown life, and blogging, is a challenge, but I’m excited by all the things I’m already learning. 

What do you get out of your MPWR Business Club Membership?:

Being a member of MPWR has been amazing. As someone who struggles with my self-confidence, to be in a community of such supportive and genuinely down to earth women, has really helped with not only my motivation to keep going even when I’m struggling, but I’ve made invaluable industry connections. Joining MPWR has been brilliant for making connections, making friends, being able to get objective insight into where I can build on my business services and what support people actually require that I can provide. Besides what I’ve been able to gain for my business, I’ve also found the resources that other members offer has been brilliant too. The members of MPWR all have skills, and collectively the access to information and knowledge is invaluable.