Our first Member of the new MPWR Business Club tells us why she joined us and how she found the 90 Day Planning Challenge from last week over in the community...

Ciara McCabeOver my career I have supported teams to leverage data to identify new revenue channels and optimise profit. In the past decade I monitored the rise of reputational indexes (eg, TripAdvisor) and tracked the measurable impact these had on revenue growth and profitability. Personally, I started to research links between customer satisfaction, customer service, kindness, mental health and sustainable profit. Three years ago, I walked away from my career to take time out to reflect more on this pathway and honestly most days since I felt that I was Alice tripping down a rabbit hole.

I was very lucky in buying some stocks at the right time, however the downside of these financial wins, was that it removed the financial urgency to navigate my kindness vision.

I could hear the rabbit hole still calling out to me……. but I was scared. My dream was just too big for me. Looking back I have diagnosed myself as having being afflicted with manifestation paralysis!! I could see the vision manifested so clearly as a future reality, everything was mapped out perfectly in my brain. But I could not reverse engineer the manifested vision back to step one. I needed a guide to help me identify and take the first steps.

This is the role that MPWR has played for me. Once I saw the plan for the future MPWR changes, I jumped on-board immediately. MPWR is destined for success, and I believe that harnessing the tools and programs extended by MPWR will make me successful also.

I benefit most from the formal structure of a number of new programs on the MPWR platform. In these programs, steps and expectations are clearly outlined in advance.

Each morning this week, I have logged onto the planning webinar. Tracy takes the lead guiding us through the process of building a vision board and 30-60-90 day action plan. After the formal presentation ends a group of completely diverse and gorgeous women engage in a 20/30 minute Q&A session each morning. These morning sessions have re-energised me, given me new focus and a very informed support group to brainstorm with. These sessions have made me feel part of a team.

The first project was to create a vision board and as an analyst who is skilled in translating numbers into a commercial story, I will admit that the challenge of art and images was quite disconcerting. So I watched and waited. Then the group started posting their own vision boards, each as unique and different as the individual and I decided to give it a go. Mine had to include words; that’s just me! Next I went to google images to find the clipart pieces, building my own logical and structured story board. I remember hitting print on the completed artwork, and it just felt like I had taken a step forward. It was a controlled, guided and safe step forward. It was progress. I was addicted.

My actions and goals will remain mine, however I know that this group want me to be successful, as I am willing each of them to be successful, listening to each other and reading posts, sharing comments, and sending positive energy.

The best part of this program is that at the end of this week the support does not end. We will gather back again to evaluate our plans, share and celebrate our successes and redraft our next action plans in May and September this year. This MPWR program will support members thrive in both their personal and professional lives over the long term. I have just convinced my Kindeas partner to also register as a MPWR member. I am ALL IN.

Ciara McCabe, Founder of Kindeas

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