Member Spotlight - Dr Indra Barathan

We really did talk about a lot! It’s so interesting and inspiring. 

Indra always knew she wanted to be a Doctor. She changed focus during her training from wanting to work in paediatrics to becoming a GP instead.

She has been a GP for nearly 20 years. She talks about how it became overwhelming and she ended up being admitted to hospital with chest pain in her 40s. It was the turning point that motivated her to leave General Practise and start her own thing 5 years ago.

We talk about chronic health and wellbeing issues coming from lifestyle issues. Mental health awareness. Making small changes to have a big impact. The impact of COVID on her business Trying new things and not being afraid to fail. Constantly learning… so much crammed in to a 25 minute chat!

When I asked her What does MPWR do for you? she said:

“For me, one of the exciting things that I learnt about having a business is how important it is to connect with other people. I never really understood what it was and networking scared the living daylights out of me.

Actually I love it! You never know who you’re going to meet and that’s what MPWR has done for me. I have met some amazing people through here. 

The benefit I have found is just having a community that you feel safe in and can ask kind of stupid question and no one will go ‘what’s that?!’ and it’s great to have a community that business orientated as well, there are lots of medical communities that I can be part of, but having all of the years of business experience that are sitting in that group is fabulous!”


Mum, wife, businesswoman, doctor and coach.

“Listen to your gut and do what brings you joy”.

Moving from the National Health Service after 17 years as a GP, I started my practice with the goal of offering an alternative way to support patients with chronic health conditions. I love being a supergeneralist and thrive on figuring out the root causes of patients’ symptoms.

I believe in “Who is the patient who is experiencing the disease, not what is the disease the patient is experiencing”.

Recently, I took a week out to sit and do nothing! This has opened my eyes to realising that sometimes in your healing journey, you just need a space to be.