Eleanor left corporate life in 2018 to take on the Riverford Organics Franchise for the York, Hull and East Riding area. Riverford Organics are a network of farms that deliver veg boxes, fruit bags, diary and meat to customers’ homes across the country. In the York, Hull and East Riding area, the business has undergone rapid growth since Eleanor took it on – this growth was somewhat helped by the Covid-19 pandemic (home delivery has been a boom market). The team now delivers to around 700 customers per week. Eleanor lives in York with her family.


She tells us all about the driver for her to take on the franchise, it was all very well timed around a relocation back to York from a career in publishing in London.

She has had a fantastic first few years as the business grows from strength to strength and the team expands. She has been a member of MPWR for a few years now and talks about why she loves our community.

Through the networking she has done with MPWR she has built her contacts and now presents a cooking slot at York Food festival every year!

“I went back to in person networking a few weeks ago. It’s so lovely to sit down at a table with other women dong business and share a few stories and insights. There’s this fantastic online community of people who are really engaged and now it’s away from Facebook it makes it even easier to focus on what’s there.”

Have a watch of the chat, enjoy.

Riverford Home Delivery – York, Hull & East Riding

Telephone: 07968 339149 or 01904 230000 (office hours: 9am – 5.30pm Mon-Fri)

Farm Team: 01803 227227 (office hours 8am – 6pm Mon-Sat)

Facebook: @riverfordyorkeastriding

Instagram: @riverfordyorkeast