What a lovely chat with Elena. She has a really interesting career story. She has a background in clinical psychology. and then admits she had a life crisis and moved into being a musician!

She missed science and wanted to move into something that was slightly less unpredictable in terms of income as being a musician.

She was always interested in health and wellbeing and followed that passion and started her training in nutritional therapy after another midlife crisis! She has always been self employed and is super passionate about being in business, woking for herself and having the courage to follow her passions.

I asked her all about her thoughts on MPWR Business Club, she said:

“I love the inspiration. There are so many different people from so many different areas. The more you hear from people, the more impressed and flabbergasted you become.

And the hive mind. Whatever you ask you will get some answers and very many ideas and they are usually very constructive and interesting.

That whole sort of variety of knowledge expertise and kindness and helpfulness and just a bunch of extremely interesting people. And of course we are all business owners and small businesses and it gives that sense of connection that I am not on my own trying to keep my head above water.”

So if anyone is still on the fence about joining us she said:

“Absolutely worth it. I just love being there. You don’t have to be master businesswomen. You will just be accepted, just come as you are. It’s so worth it. It is very highly professional but also really really accepting.”

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More about Elena Holmes BSc (Psychology) MA MSc (Nutritional Therapy):

I am a self-employed Nutritional Therapist. I work with individual clients, deliver educational talks and workshops, and write articles and blogs about healthy nutrition. I am also an independent researcher collaborating with several health food and supplement companies, and academic institutions.


As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I work with two main groups of people. I work with healthy people who want to improve their diet to feel better, look better, have more energy or improve their physical and mental performance. I also have the knowledge and skills necessary to assess nutrition-related health problems. All this empowers me to help people make dietary changes to optimise their health and to support them during this journey. Since I know from my very own experience what powerful tool nutrition is in achieving long-term health, I am even more eager to share my expertise and experience with others.