Member Spotlight: Hannah Swierstra

Hannah tells us all about how she took the plunge to set up her own business and follow her longterm dream of having working for herself.

She is founder of Balance VA Services and chats about how she loves being a part of MPWR: 


“There are people like me in the group…. What I really enjoyed about MPWR was that it gave me the courage to do it…. and also to appreciate there are different types of success…. I just find that MPWR is a really nurturing environment to be in.

Your return on investment is great; the free courses as well, we had a great instagram course recently, I have put so much of that into practise already, and a 90 day planning session, and it’s all included in the subscription, it’s absolutely brilliant.”

More about Hannah:

“Hello, I’m Hannah, my aim is to help growing businesses create space to focus on what’s important to them, whatever that may be.

As a business owner, I’m sure you find yourself wearing ALL the hats, you are the one that’s supposed to have all the answers and be able to juggle it all. I know from experience how impossible that can seem – often there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Nothing gives me more joy, good food & wine aside, than finding better ways of working, solving problems, & ticking those things off your list so you, as a business owner, can really focus on what you love.”

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