Member Spotlight - Jackie Crawford

Jackie was 50 when she retrained to be an image consultant 5 years ago. 

She had worked for 34 years in a corporate environment in HR. She carved out a successful career and had always invested in her wardrobe. At one point she actually invested herself in an Image Consultant and never looked back. Toward the end of her corporate career private equity took over and Jackie wasn’t the hard nosed business professional they wanted. She was elevated to Group HR for 4 businesses and had climbed the career ladder through hard work and determination but also felt that the transformation in her wardrobe and the way she felt in her clothes really helped her own transformation during that time.

She had an opportunity to move on and take a gap year and during this reflection realised she wanted to help other women find the same joy in the wardrobe that she had. Find their personal brand and achieve that elevation of confidence and self esteem.

She remembers facing her own work wardrobe and feeling grey, talking to her friends whose bodies had changed after having children etc – that helped drive her to want to help others.

5 years on, Jackie helps women with feel fabulous and happy with their wardrobe. By making, just small changes; changing a lipstick colour or a scarf can have such an impact. She helps you maximise your clothing budget and existing wardrobe by knowing colours that work and shapes that will flatter you.

We talk about the impressive way she has adapted her business during the pandemic offering a range of services online. She has kept going, stayed visible and tried new things.

“There was inspiration all around me. Part of being a member of MPWR is seeing other people taking action and doing all sorts of incredible things with their businesses, so I took a lot of inspiration from others around me.”

Jackie has been part of the MPWR group since it was formed at YWMB 5 years ago.

“MPWR sent my business on a growth trajectory. I was just launching as York Women Means Business was at the time. There was a whole host of amazing women and it was a highlight of the month going to meet up with them; great friendships formed and actually great collaborations too. I would not have come across York Fashion Week for example. There’s a bank of support and  inspiration…. It feels like it’s a very inclusive and very caring group; and actually there is, at the flick of a button or pick up a phone there is always someone able and very willing to share knowledge.”

“A lot of my early business I won by being a member of MPWR. Go and do it. Go and join MPWR!”

Here’s the full interview, enjoy!:

More about Jackie:

Based in York, Jackie Crawford is a FIPI accredited independent image consultant on a mission to make getting dressed a pleasure and is dedicated to helping women look and feel fabulous every day. Guiding clients to make the right clothing choices Jackie encourages making the most of your budget, searching out quality that flatters, reviewing and reinventing your existing wardrobe and shopping mindfully.

Our image is an investment in our personal brand and Jackie’s guidance can support your development goals through personal presentation.

Having worked in a corporate environment for many years, Jackie has an excellent understanding of both the desires and pressures faced by many working women. Jackie likes to ‘make a difference’ – helping people reach their greatest potential. This variety of personal experience helped to strengthen her understanding of the importance of personal presentation and the impact that the colours and clothes we wear have upon our personal image.

Working with an Image Consultant is no longer the privilege for the chosen few, it is available to all. The results can contribute to life-changing events from new careers; returning to the working scene; seeking promotion or finding a new partner. Jackie helps women enhance their individual physical characteristics and develop a stronger personal brand through her virtual and face to face consultations including, Colour Analysis, Personal Style Analysis, Wardrobe Editing and Personal Shopping.

Jackie Crawford, Image Consultant

07494 644788

Colours . Clothes . Confidence