Member Spotlight - Kate Ford, MamaLippys

Our members are what our membership is all about. That may sound obvious, but the true value to being a member is getting to meet all of the other members. For inspiration, support, advice, laughs, understanding, collaborating and learning from their expertise.

Here’s our latest member spotlight.

Kate Ford is a true inspiration, running her own growing business, driven by the flexibility it gave her to spend time with her daughter. Kate made a complete career shift, making the bold decision to follow her passion. She started out with an MLM business and has now created her own brand, with an established customer base, her own treatment studio (Mama’s Cabin) and a range of wonderful treatments and colour analysis services. In 2020 she diversified further taking some of her workshops online and introducing a new jewellery range too.

Here’s what Kate had to say:

So Kate, tell us about what you do:

“I help ladies regain or reshape their confidence using colour. showing them the tools to help them look and feel fabulous without cutting into their precious time. 

I launched MamaLippys Beauty Therapy in 2016 and have enjoyed helping ladies to find their inner sparkle and bring it to the surface ever since. I find the world of colour fascinating and I love how it can change a persons perspective and show their hidden confidence.”

How did you get into it?:

I actually started out life in business support, I liked the organisation of admin and the service of being a PA. I went to a business college, studied my degrees and hit life with a bang! I worked as a Director’s PA with the NHS but as much as I loved my work and always strived to be the best in my field I couldn’t shake a feeling I was missing out on something. As it turned out it was a lost love of colour and a lipstick that turned my attention and reignited my fire.

So what inspired you to do your own thing?:

In 2016 I discovered I was pregnant and I knew I couldn’t keep up the long days and unpredictable hours of the NHS. If ever there was a time to embrace my passion, that was it. I love what I do now and love that I can be at home for my mini-me, I’ve never looked back.

Kate Ford
Mama Lippys

You’ve been a supporter of MPWR since the beginning, back in 2016. Why is that? What, do you like about it?

Being part of MPWR has helped me in ways I wasn’t expecting. I joined with a view to expand my network, what I found was a family. I’ve formed new friendships, been referred, gained new clients and I know that even though I work alone I have a whole family of specialists behind me with the click of a button. My business has taken a path I didn’t envision before MPWR but that is something I am so thankful for.

Thank you Kate.