Member Spotlight - Kate Rowe

Kate has a really inspiring story and career. She now has a successful wellness and beauty business.

Her passion – making self-care a priority.

We chatted about her earlier career in Education. She has always worked really hard. She had a super career in education and used to ‘pay’ friends and family members that looked after her eldest son whilst she worked with pedicures.

Whilst working in her busy full time role in education she started training in beauty treatments with the idea that she could earn a bit more and work more flexibly. For a long time she did both jobs. came very close to total burn out and finally made the brave step of quitting the salaried career to do her own thing fully. Wow.

Her business has been hugely effected by the COVID pandemic. Closed 3 times over. She has truly diversified and taken her amazing facials online. Focussed on facial massage, you use your own products at home and have a wonderful evening treat. She has also collaborated with other female business owners to run self care events including yoga, a cook along, a guided facial and a sound bath. 

It has opened up a whole new market of clients to her and she plans to continue with them even when she can get going in person again soon.

Kate is such an inspiration, so resilient and always willing to try. She talks about her challenge with imposter syndrome – we’re all struck with that sometimes aren’t we?

She is currently doing even more training so she can offer a new treatment, has invested time in her website, logo and planning for the future.

I asked her about her MPWR Business Club Membership. She said:

“The thing about being in something like this – it makes you more accountable. Paying for it for me makes me get value out of it and makes you do it more. Way more than you do a free facebook group….. If you need some help, you can reach out to somebody. It’s really easy and safe, and it’s nice to feel like you can do that.

If you want to take your business forward you need to be in this kind of group. I recently did the 90 day plan challenge and got out of it that I wanted to change my website, have a new logo, earn a certain amount of money a month and it gave me the boost to do that. So it’s definitely worth doing. Definitely.”

Here’s the full video of our chat:

Kate Rowe