Member Spotlight, Nicki Cawood

Meet Nicki Cawood. We asked her all about what she does, how she got into it and what being an MPWR Business Club Member means to her.

Her story is really inspiring, she has a business doing something she is truly passionate about, can’t you tell in the way she talks about it? Her passion is really infectious, she plays a huge role within our community.


NIcki Cawood

Tell us about what you do?


Thank you for asking me to be a spotlight member.

I’m a Copywriter and have been since 2006. There is often some confusion about what a Copywriter does. No, we don’t make sure products are copyrighted (can’t be pinched) and we don’t copy things. A Copywriter works with clients to produce content that meets their goals. For example, advertising content, website copy, regular blog posts and more.

I’ve worked with very large corporations in the past, the type that have you sign NDAs but I’ve always preferred working with smaller businesses. Years ago I decided to niche down and now working pretty much exclusively with small businesses, sole traders and start-ups.

How did you get into it?

I have always loved to write. My career path, however, led me initially to health and social care and to a position working with adults with Autism. I loved the work, climbed the ladder into management, development and enjoyed a stint with service accreditation. I imagined that I would work in that sector for years to come. Then, after years of trying and fertility struggles my eldest son was born.

I attended my “Back to Work” interview at the end of maternity leave and without any prior planning put my notice in. It surprised me as much as it did them. I went from being on a very decent salaried wage to nothing overnight so sold Avon and Usborne children’s book while building up my copywriting business. This was nearly fifteen years ago. I didn’t have a mentor or a network and being self-employed/freelancing was quite a novelty then.

Having been an early adopter of blogging, writing for work and so on, I simply fell into copywriting. No major plan, just doing something I loved and going for it.

What inspired you to do what you do?

I’ve always been a writer. I loved it at school, and the passion grew from there. I was told once by an art teacher that every student should take a creative subject but that in my case, they should probably make an exception. As rude as this teacher was when it came to that kind of artwork he was probably right. My creativity lies in weaving words to suit a specific purpose, to make people smile, laugh, to inform them and to invoke action. I genuinely think that I was always supposed to be a copywriter.

What inspired me? I guess what inspired me most was the dream of having the freedom to do what I love in a way that suited me while helping to support our family.

What’s the best thing about MPWR?

Where to start? I’ve been a part of numerous networking entities over the years. Even those that promised to be different were the same at their core; back-slapping and stilted elevator pitches. MPWR is relaxed but really bloody useful!

There are so many opportunities to build your business. It is not necessarily about winning work from other members but building relationships and taking your business to where you want it to be.

Most of all, though, I enjoy being part of MPWR. I have enjoyed real belly laughs, a genuine high after networking sessions and a real affection for so many awesome fellow community members. Life is too short to be in a membership that is hard work or makes you miserable.

What has it done for your business?

MPWR has done a lot for my business. I’ve gained paid work through referrals, met Cathie Rose Heart who did an amazing job re-doing my website (I still grin when I open the site), have learned a lot through events such as the planning sessions and the book club and of course have networked with an amazing group of women. MPWR very quickly became my networking and business community home and soon after I took on the role of area manager. I’m a busy lady so trust me when I say I wouldn’t have taken this on if I didn’t think that MPWR was great for me and that I wanted to share the experience with others.

Why should others join?

MPWR is different, it really is. Here you find a welcoming and supportive group of women who have so much in common, despite running different businesses and having their own unique stories. I joined initially purely because a friend had. I stayed because of the community. I have formed real friendships here. The community aspect is so important because it is what will help keep you going on rubbish days, will give you someone to share your successes with and enable you to give back by sharing your expertise and supporting others.

“As a Copywriter, I’ve been working with clients on their content needs since 2006. I love to see how words, when crafted and wielded the right way, make a positive difference to small businesses and contribute to their success.”

Nicki Cawood, Copywriter