Member Spotlight - Nicola Holliday

Nicola is a super talented, singer, presenter, actor and model. She is so passionate about music, singing and performing. She is a total people person.

“It’s just giving people that opportunity to escape a little bit and disconnect.”

From the age of 6 or 7 she she played the trumpet, her dream was to be a jazz trumpet player. She talks about her amazing teacher. As she got older she got into singing. It was the only thing she ever wanted to do, but she was much older before she actually believed she could do it – as in, make business out of it.

She was inspired by he grandparents musical taste. She loved all the famous trumpet player, but there were no girl trumpet players. That spurred her on! She was lucky to have great teachers available to her in her hometown of Scarborough.

Nicola talks about her journey through education, constant performing, constant auditioning – she is resilient and brave and has always followed her gut. A really inspiring and interesting chat.

Make a brew and have a watch of our chat for your regular dose of inspo.

I asked her about how she finds her MPWR Business Club Membership.

“I went to a networking event. Which even right up until pressing the call button I was thinking oh god, what am I going to say about my business?

Straight away, I really felt that I was part of a really special community of women that I could lean on and learn from and really trust. That they actually really support each other. It’s not just a fluffy fad. It’s genuine support from awesome women.

The workshops we’ve done since have been incredible…. Learning about other people and seeing other people talk about their business. It’s really inspiring and it’s really lovely. Especially at the moment with COVID, you know we’re not in the same boat but we are in the same storm. It’s been invaluable!

It’s so easy and so personable and genuine. You can’t not like it”

More About Nicola:

Nicola has spent more than 15 years playing, studying, writing and performing music. Performing across the UK and Europe with some outstanding original artists or as an artist in her own right showcasing her original music. She has also worked in various band set ups performing covers of 60’s soul right through to present day pop. A dynamic vocalist with a wealth of experience performing in diverse venues both small and large, including Shepherds Bush Empire, BBC Introducing, Glastonbury Festival and KOKO Camden.

Nicola graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Popular Music Performance in London and has since returned to her native Yorkshire where she has settled with her family in York. Music is her passion and Nicola love’s nothing more than sharing that enthusiasm live on stage, be it at a wedding, an intimate celebration or a just a great night out. Nicola is the Director of Live Music North Ltd and currently performs solo or as one half of ‘The NoteBook‘ duo as well as leading and fronting, high end Rock n Roll function band, Nic & The Wildhearts.

Nicola Holliday