Member Spotlight - Sarah Dixon, Bid for Success

We have so many amazing, inspiring member stories to tell you, we’re making this a regular feature. 

Sarah has been an MPWR member for around 5 years now as a freelancer and now in her role at Bid for Success. We had a chat with her about what she does and why she has invested in her MPWR Business Club Membership.

Sarah DixonSo, Sarah, Tell us about what you do?

I’m the Development Manager at Bid for Success which is a bid and tender writing consultancy that helps businesses secure government and private contracts. I have a diverse role, it’s a bit of marketing, a bit of product/process development, and of course writing bids and tenders. The company specialises in working with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), and it’s fantastic to see the impact that securing a first contract, or something that takes a business to the next level has.

Sounds really interesting and rewarding, How did you get into it? 

Words have been my work for almost 10 years now. First, I wrote a children’s book, then I started a freelance fundraiser, and copy and content writer. I realised that what I’d learned completing my Certificate of Fundraising Management had a lot of overlap with bid writing and started freelancing at that too.

That lead me to Bid for Success! Bids and Tenders can be very competitive and money driven, but at Bid for Success we all have a commitment to helping small businesses succeed and see the difference they can make to local communities. They’re also family friendly so I’ve been working flexibly and from home since before Covid made it popular!

You’ve been an MPWR Member for a long time now. What’s the best thing about MPWR?

The people. Whether it’s being inspired by what another businesswoman has achieved or commiserating over the many struggles that we come across as part of the natural order of things it’s a wonderful group of women. There’s a real emphasis on support and learning from each other, even among ‘competitors’. Tracy has created a great group culture, I used to cringe at the idea of networking but at MPWR it really is different.

What has it done for your business & career? 

It was invaluable back when I was freelancing. If I had a question, there would be someone with an answer, whether it was a legal issue, product recommendation, or someone to cheer when you reached a small goal. I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated for an Award in 2017 and 2019, that gave me some of that all-important ‘social proof’ that I was good at what I do!

With my Bid for Success hat on I’ve connected with a couple of clients through the group, through the Expos and group members. At the moment, I’m really enjoying working through the 90-day goal setting material with others. It makes a dry task very enjoyable.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining us? 

I’m a big believer in the Robert Ingersoll quote, ‘We rise by lifting others.’ By coming together as a community of businesswomen, we can support each other. It’s particularly important at the moment when we’re in the middle of the pandemic, where lockdown is disproportionately affecting women. We’re having to take on most of the household tasks and childcare in addition to running our businesses and all that’s challenging at the best of times! Having a community of women who understand and can share their knowledge and experience can really help you to cope.

Even when we get back to ‘normal’, times are going to be challenging for small businesses for a while, so I think support groups like this will play a vital part in keeping small businesses going over the next few years.

Sarah is Development Manager at Bid for Success 

“Hello! Did you know the government has a target to spend £1 in every three with small businesses? And that public sector organisations have to pay within 30 days? Those are just some of the reasons that public sector contracts are a great way to stabilise and grow your small business. Think there aren’t tenders for your trade? Drop me a line and I’ll check for you with zero obligation.” 

Bid for Success