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We’re here to provide you with the skills and resources you need to grow your business on your own terms AND make strong connections with likeminded businesswomen. 


It's time to invest in you

Hundreds of women have joined us Business Club to build their own version of a successful business. As a member you will overcome your challenges, constantly learn, develop and grow.

Turning what you already know love and do into a thriving business that gives you the lifestyle you dream of, is SO possible.

For just $499.99 per year, start making positive changes in transforming your business from day 1.

Whatever stage you’re at we’ve got your back.


Gain new skills & confidence

Each month we introduce a learning theme for our members. They are designed to be picked up at any time to suit you and when you can join us. Each theme is packed full of unique insights, tips, practical how-to guides, templates, videos and thought provoking content. Designed to give you the skills, confidence and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

Grow together & be accountable

We run regular team challenges where we work together as a group to achieve something – that could be writing a 90 day plan, getting out of our own way, improving confidence, de-cluttering, you name it, we’ll do it together.

Be inspired

Join energising events, workshops and talks led by inspirational female business leaders, coaches, experts and superstars live and on-demand.

Shared experiences

Once inside you can join our global hubs of women with the same profession as you. There’s no room for competition here. Share experiences and ambitions with women who know exactly what it’s like to be you. Connect, collaborate & create together.

Online Conference

Business Tool Masterclasses

Learn and unlock your potential with our workshops led by the best and brightest business minds in the world. Every month there are a number of practical training workshops focussed on the tools you use in business like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Canva, LinkedIn, Planning Tools and more.

Downloads & guides

Our resources library never stops growing – it’s packed full of inspiring reading material, videos, interviews and more to help all of us continue to learn and grow together.


“There are people like me in the group…. What I really enjoyed about MPWR was that it gave me the courage to do it…. and also to appreciate there are different types of success…. I just find that MPWR is a really nurturing environment to be in.
Your return on investment is great; the free courses as well, we had a great instagram course recently, I have put so much of that into practise already, and a 90 day planning session, and it’s all included in the subscription, it’s absolutely brilliant.”