Michelle Cowan of SocialSendr shares her inspiring career story

Michelle’s sales career spans nearly 30 years in the corporate tech industry with Apple and Cisco. Following the death of a childhood friend, she walked away from her corporate career at 48 years old thinking she would take the slow route to retirement. An idea for an app led to her setting up Justo Software – the home of socialsendr – other doors began to open, and the generation restart began! 

At 52 Michelle is now:

Socialsendr Co-Founder – Non-Exec Director – Sales Strategist – 2 Northern Lasses Podcast Host – School Governor – Mentor

Join us in our community to watch the recording of our chitchat with Michelle about her career, her journey in quitting the big corporate career, jumping off that ladder and going her own way.

She talks about her career success in senior sales leadership roles

“What separates sales people from really brilliant sales people is that ability to connect…. I truly believe the key to most of it is being able to connect with someone and being able to communicate. I used to waltz into boardrooms and I never batted an eyelid as always in the back of my mind I was thinking that CEO still has to put the bin out at this house! They’re not better than me, they’re different. If you can connect with people on a level, not superficially around the product”

Here’s a snippet from or chat, Michelle shares the MPWR values & tips around networking and building relationships. It’s really what we’re all about at MPWR.

“When I came out of corporate and set up my own business and started doing the local networking stuff. I didn’t even know that stuff existed. I didn’t really understand how it worked at that level with small businesses helping small businesses. My view is it doesn’t matter if there are 5 of you in marketing and 5 of you in accounting. Competition’s competition. There’s room for everybody. Be Nice. Be kind. Differentiate yourself. And, just go out there and try and build relationships. And that really is the core to selling.”

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socialsendr is a web-based platform, which is the only app on the market to create, schedule and post content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, transforming the way in which sole traders and freelancers deliver their social media presence, eliminating the need to invest in additional staff resource, and saving hours every week. With social media marketing essential in maintaining relationships with customers, and attracting new ones, posting frequently and consistently is proven to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty, but for small business owners and freelancers it can often be seen as time intense chore, that gets put to the bottom of the to-do list.  But with socialsendr, social media content creation and scheduling is made easy, with small business owners able to customise content to the topics and interests that suit their desired audience, and schedule posts at the click of a button.

There’s no need to spend endless hours creating content, all the topics and key dates have already been uploaded to the platform, enabling customers to pick and choose content to suit their needs. Whatever the industry, whether accountants or solicitors, beauty salons or shop owners, the content creation and scheduling app, saves time, effort and money.