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Access masterclasses, workshops, inspirational talks, an every growing resource library created by industry experts and so much more

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We believe networking is crucial for both personal and business growth. At MPWR we do it differently.

Grace Abell

“MWPR just helps you dream bigger, think bigger and helps you get there which is so important…..The best thing about MPWR is that it serves me as a person. I have cheerleaders 24/7 to celebrate wins with me. For me….. it’s really about it nourishing me, me running the business…. it’s such great value for money.”


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Access our exclusive growing global community of smart working women at all stages of their careers. A private, online network where you can connect, engage and collaborate with like-minded businesswomen nationally and locally.

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Business Club Membership is everything you need under one virtual roof. Access masterclasses, practical workshops, inspirational talks, an every growing resource library created by industry experts and so much more.

It’s time to invest in you – for just $499.99 per year, start making positive changes in transforming your business straight away. (monthly payment option available of $49.99 per month)

Hundreds of women have joined us Business Club to build their own version of a successful business. As a member you will overcome your challenges, constantly learn, develop and grow.

Turning what you already know love and do into a thriving business that gives you the lifestyle you dream of, is SO possible. 

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“There are people like me in the group…. What I really enjoy about MPWR was that it gave me the courage to do it…. and also to appreciate there are different types of success…. I just find that MPWR is a really nurturing environment to be in.
Your return on investment is great; the free courses as well, we had a great instagram course recently, I have put so much of that into practise already, and a 90 day planning session, and it’s all included in the subscription, it’s absolutely brilliant.”



Join us for online networking with businesswomen just like you

We believe networking is crucial for both personal and business growth At MPWR we do it differently to most of the networking groups you will have experienced. Our networking is relaxed and sociable with no 60 second intros or dress codes, just lots of chatting to likeminded women. We believe that people buy from people and that getting to know the person behind the business is so important.  Feeling part of a community is so important right now. MPWR Business Club membership and networking provides just that.

Member Spotlights

Kate Rowe

Kate Rowe Wellness & Beauty

Indra Barathan

Dr Indra Functional Medicine

Grace Abell

Abell Design
Sarah Dixon

“The best thing about MPWR is The people. Whether it’s being inspired by what another businesswoman has achieved or commiserating over the many struggles that we come across as part of the natural order of things it’s a wonderful group of women. 

There’s a real emphasis on support and learning from each other, even among ‘competitors’. Tracy has created a great group culture, I used to cringe at the idea of networking but at MPWR it really is different.”


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