Our Learning Theme for March is Growth Mindset

Each month we focus on a new theme, guiding our members through all that they need to grow their businesses on their terms. 

Themes will be added to all year round, but we’ll focus workshops, lives, training and challenges on the theme for each month. Imagine what we’ll all have learnt and how much we’ll have grown in a year!

Success is what you think it is, not someone else – we won’t be telling you how to get your business to 6 figures in 12 months, some of our members are already there anyway! 

This month (March) our learning theme is all around Growth Mindset. It’s not fluffy wah wah, by the way, but practical tips to work on our mindset to thrive in business and life. 

I was first introduced to Growth Mindset a few years back when I worked with Microsoft. Their CEO transformed their culture and the growth the organisation subsequently achieved was incredible. He says:

“Achieving our mission requires us to evolve our culture, and it all starts with a growth mindset – a passion to learn and bring our best every day to make a bigger difference on the world.’

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

We’re kicking off March with the Tik Tok for Business workshop tonight. For me, this is one of those things I have avoided so far, thinking it’s not really for me. BUT, I need to learn about it, figure out what I am missing, understand what it could do for our business. It turns out it is not just kids dancing around. (having an open and growth mindset yeh?) – Check out events for details.

Growth Mindset Member Only Events this month:

10am 11th March & 10am 18th March – 2 live workshops all around Growth Mindset. I’ll be talking about what I know about Growth Mindset and getting you thinking about how you can embrace it in your business and life. Sessions will be interactive!

 7:30pm 16th March –  How to Create the Ultimate Mindset for Resilient and Confident Growth with expert Andrea Morrison

Details over on our events calendar