Pascha Turnbull shares her inspiring story of her successful multinational print and design business

Pascha Turnbull Inc DotWhat a treat! Last night, we invited members to come along and listen to long term Business Club Member Pascha Turnbull share her inspiring story about her family business and how it grew to be the major design and print company it is today. Inc Dot

Inc Dot provide design & print solutions to local authorities, the NHS and many other big names across the UK and beyond.

Pascha is incredibly inspiring. Her experience in building a business is truly wonderful, she is full of advice and wisdom. We’re thinking of publishing a book of Pascha’s advice she so freely shares with her fellow members.

It’s fantastic to hear someone else’s business story, the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them. We find it really helps to see the ‘art of the possible’ with the right mindset and approach to business.

We asked her for some key bit’s of advice to share with our members, there was so much, but here’s the highlights:

“The only time you should ever say ‘I know’ is in the sentence ‘I know I need to learn more'”

She went on to explain the importance of being honest and open and never thinking you know everything. You don’t. Always be open to learn more and don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know.

“Tell yourself out loud how great you are” She explained that you’ll probably feel a bit silly at first, but it’s so good to hear this. You are great!

“Always tell people what you do and be on brand. Always be on brand.” (we all lovingly call Pascha the Purple Princess of Print!)

Here’s a short clip for you to be inspired. The full interview is available inside our community. Thank you Pascha.

Pascha has spent her entire working life as part of the team in the family design and print business. Started in 1979 by her father, John Turnbull, Pascha worked as a Saturday girl, before joining the team full time in 1988 as part of the admin team. Pascha worked her way up to General Manager, and then took over as Managing Director in 2001, where she rebranded to the very purple brand we know today, Inc Dot Design & Print.

Pascha passed the MD helm over to big brother, Nick, in 2014 and stepped back to her beloved admin and accounts role.

Pascha has always been keen to include all her team in the family feel of her business, and is a firm believer that helping others will always reap benefits.