Routine Machine: How successful people improve their morning routine, daily habits and guarantee themselves results - John Lamerton

By Tracy Burleigh

ORDINARY PEOPLE + EVERYDAY HABITS = EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS How does a “normal bloke from Plymouth” achieve more success than he could ever have dreamed? By becoming a Routine Machine. This book will show you how you can follow a simple, everyday plan to achieve your goals without requiring superhuman effort or natural-born talent. 

This is the second book we have read by John Lamerton and I have to say I didn’t LOVE it as much as Big Ideas… For Small Businesses, BUT it was still good and well worth a read.  There were a few chapters that didn’t rock my boat personally but it still had plenty of takeaways.

The best section by far for me was the first – understanding how we are wired when it comes to habits and routines explained as the Monkey the Human and the Computer.  Like Big ideas, this book is written in simple to read English.

There is a great story on reading … and implementing! Another of the things we live by at MPWR. And the plan for the day. John mentions this is his plan and points out that this is what works for him – your plan has to work for you – this is how things always should be whenever you read something … Make it work for YOU!

Lots of great titles and stories in this book that are very relatable and I particularly loved the section ‘playing with my food’ which is all about macros and micros and how you can dial them up or down in any situation including making more money. 

This sounds very simplistic and actually is – want to lose weight = more broccoli less mars bars.  Want more business? Check out the list in the book and see what you can dial up (marketing for example) and dial down (unnecessary admin and social media hours!) Find a better balance, make a plan and implement!

One of my biggest takeaways and words that have stuck with me when it comes to creating good habits is making the negative things hard and the positive things easy.  I’ve since started turning off social media and email notifications and I only check both at specific times and I need to drink more water so I have added getting a glass of water before I start a new task in my day.

I really can’t recommend this book enough as I know it will help everyone that reads it to create better habits that really will make a difference – DO make sure your first habit is to not be a frog and just move on to the next book once you have finished it :0)