Squiggly Careers by Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis

by Kerry Perks

For World Book Day we got together to review our learnings from reading Squiggly Careers, by Helen Tupper & Sarah Eillis throughout February.

Wow. It’s a book you really have to think about. No one has read all of it yet because it really did get everyone thinking and off doing the exercises in the book. Some of them are a real challenge to do. Early in the book you write down a list of 20 things you are good at… 20 of them! No one of us got to 20! 

Why do we find this so hard? Interestingly, I asked my husband and he did not find this hard at all. So, do you think some people can and some people can’t? Or is it one of those things us women tend to not be so good at? (I’m generalising I know!) We chatted about this a lot. It’s hard to identify your own strengths isn’t it. Much easier to identify your weaknesses. 

Anyway, there’s a really interesting exercise in the same chapter about strengths where you go away and ask a friend, a family member and a colleague for 3 words to describe you. Most of us were surprised with the answers and it makes you reflect on how your perception of yourself can differ so much to what others think of you.

It’s a book that makes you spend time reflecting and thinking about yourself. Identifying super strengths, and building your confidence. There’s a whole chapter on confidence – we like that!

Here’s what some of our members said:

“It’s definitely a book I will revisit and I am glad to have on my bookshelf.”

“I get lightbulb moments every time I pick it up.”

“I absolutely love their take on networking and building karma within our career and business. It’s really aligned to our style of networking too.”

The book is also full of some amazing quotes and 100 pieces of career advice. It’s definitely a book we’re all going to put down and pick back up. It’s really worth having on your bookshelf.

Some of us are really enjoying their podcast too. Have a listen.