So what do you think? Have you been toying with the idea of starting your own thing for a while? Have you thought about a side hustle or a full on full time business commitment?

It’s a brave move to start your own business at any time, but now? Really? Rock the boat during a global pandemic?

Well, Virgin reckon there’s never been a better time to start a business and we have to say, we agree! (errr, we have just done it with the launch of MPWR Business Club Ltd)

For us one of the most important things to consider when you are thinking of starting a business is your network. Who do you know that can help you? Either with services to get you going or to be a sounding board?

So many women have a side hustle these days, or they are toying with the idea of starting something up instead of slogging at the corporate 9-5. Maybe now’s the time after all. Are you ready to make it a goal in 2021?

There are some great tips in the Virgin article, here’s our take:

Surround yourself with other awesome people who will support you and challenge you.

Sometimes when talking to people close to you like friends and family, they can be too encouraging as they don’t want to hurt your feelings or be completely deflating as they say things like ‘really? Why rock the boat when you have a good job’ It’s essential to have like-minded people around you who get you, are doing the same thing as you or who have done it before you.

Be innovative, do things differently, find your uniqueness and let it out

“But recessions also bring a wealth of opportunities. Opportunities to fix problems. Opportunities to innovate. Opportunities to adapt. Opportunities to grow.” – virgin article

One of the drivers behind relaunching MPWR Business Club and the bold decision to move away from Facebook groups was that we had to take it online. Face to Face networking was at the core of the business and that has been taken away by COVID. The idea that there are so many women out there who have also been affected in business by this pandemic has really driven us to create this community. It’s more important now than ever when we can’t do it face to face.

“Entrepreneurially-minded people will always find opportunities – and that sometimes means being creative in a crisis. Recessions are there for a reason. Something has usually gone wrong somewhere. That means there are problems to fix.” – virgin article

If you have an idea on the back of COVID or have had one for a while. Do it. Be creative, fix problems, offer a solution.

Make it work for you & have a plan

If anything, the current crisis has shown a lot of businesses that flexible working can work, that you don’t need to be chained to an office every day. But before you set out to take over the world make sure you’re clear on your goals and motivations. Is it to spend more time with the kids? Is it so you have a purpose? Do you want to help others?

Are you ready to start your own business? We have a whole area dedicated to Start Ups within our business club, full of tips and guides of what steps to take to support you through the process. You can chat to lots of other women who have been there, done that too. What are you waiting for?