Turns out, Tik Tok is not just about dancing

by Kerry Perks

Wow. Last night we were amazed by the opportunity Alexa Wilkinson demonstrated there is for small businesses to get on Tik Tok right now. AND generate leads.

Last night we hosted a training workshop for our members with expert Alexa Wilkinson of Social by Alexa.

She gave us an amazing introduction into what Tik Tok actually is and how it works. She presented some incredible examples of business success. And, she busted some myths that we had all been thinking/hearing about; it’s only for Gen Z, it’s just dancing, my brand isn’t relevant to TikTok.

We were all left wondering what we are missing and went squirrelling away through TikTok.

Watch this space!

The recording is available for all our members to watch back within the club, as well as Alexa’s slides and some apps & tools she recommended we all go and take a look at.

Here’s what she covered:

30 minute intro workshop with expert Alexa Wilkinson of Social by Alexa.

  • TikTok Stats
  • Case Study examples of business success
  • What to put in a TikTok post
  • Tik Tok Myths
  • Q&A

About our expert:
Alexa Wilkinson, Founder of Social by Alexa is a 20 year old social media expert specialising in TikTok & Instagram. After spending 3 years being an influencer for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands she decided to start he own business as a Social Media Manager. She also runs regular workshops for Tik Tok, so get in touch to book on – it’s an eye opener!




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