Don't pressure yourself to make tough resolutions, plans and be 'all ready to go' at the start of the year. It's just not the right time.

By Tracy Burleigh, CEO & Founder, MPWR Business Club

Every year, between Christmas and New Year, I have a mad spring cleaning sash! Partly because I feel the need to get off my arse after lots of chilling and overeating, and partly in preparation of planning in January. Or should I say planning and taking down time in January!

I like to plan slowly, organically, not forced. I find it’s in the downtimes that the ideas and thoughts flow freely. In order for me to relax and plan well I need my ‘housework’ in order. I say ‘housework’ meaning everything else other than work. 

Come January (and before other planning times through the year) I know I have clean and tidy cupboards. That there is food in. That my inbox and paperwork is sorted. That I have the tools for planning etc. 

My physical space being clean, tidy, and organised means my head space feels the same. Not only can I then plan better, I can also take time out better.

My first plans of a new year always start in February because, for me, January is not the month to be ‘working’. Yes I work on everything that needs to be done to keep things ticking over –  answering emails, sharing information and delivering January events, networking and workshops etc but, I’m not working on anything new.

For years I’ve always tried to do what everyone is ‘saying’ you should be doing – planning in December to ‘hit the ground running in Jan’ to getting back to it full on nine to five as soon as I start back etc etc.  But, it never really worked for me.

When in employment, yes, I was there nine to five but I had no ‘umph’ about me to start on something new, I found it really hard to get excited about the work I was doing and I had no motivation at all.

Then when working for myself I also found January a tough month to be doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  The days felt very long, I was a bit down and I wasn’t getting very much done! 

Thankfully I mentioned this one day to my friend and MPWR Business Club Member Claire Cutler-Casey. She said:

Winter is the time of reflection. See the water frozen over, providing the perfect natural opportunity to witness yourself, as you truly are, no ripples to distort or interrupt, everything still, everything calm, including us. Much of nature is in hibernation now; cosied up beneath a blanket of thick frost and frozen ground. Icy paths present us with an opportunity to glide, fleet footed, quietly dancing with the beauty of this quiet, frozen time. Remember you are part of the natural world, the seasons of the natural year echo and vibrate through you, calling us to rest, to reflect and to venture within.
Claire Cutler Casey
Claire Cutler-Casey
Kinesiologist, Author & Touch for Health Instructor

Read more on this from Claire here

So the next New Year I simply didn’t fight how I felt and did things differently.  I had been really busy and worked right up until the last minute on Christmas Eve. So, if I had been in need of a plan to ‘kick start’ in the New Year I would have been stuffed as I simply hadn’t had the time. 

So, now I take lots of downtime in January, and work on my first ninety day plan of the year which will start in February.

And you know what, it serves me well both personally and in my business. 


This method I then carry on through the rest of the year.

  • Jan sorting plans for February, March and April 
  • May for the plan for June, July August
  • September planning for October, November and December ….

and then starting all over again in January!

Are you the same in January? 

Why not give our method a try and see how it works for you.

Within Business Club we do this TOGETHER.

  • We have our Goal Setting and Vision Board Masterclasses, on demand, in the member area, for you to watch and work on…. 
  • All in preparation for our 90 Day Planning in January, May and September, where we set up our 90 day plans. 
  • During the other months we have a planning session too we we work on our plans together.

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