When your business or career is where you want it to be (long term) what does your life look like?

Where are you living, what does your home look like, who is around you?

What does your business or career look like, how many clients/customers do you have, how is what you offer being delivered, who is doing what where, how is it different to how things are today?

Visualising where you want to be, really seeing what it all looks and feels like, actually seeing yourself in that life is key to achieving that goal!

Thinking about how you feel in that life in detail, actually living it in your mind, is an amazing thing to do whenever you have some quiet time! (I do it in the bath!)

Do it as often as you can, when on a walk, when you lay down at night, when you sit for a break and really see the picture clearly.

Hone it to tiny details, see it all, feel it all, live it! 🖤 

Then….. let’s work on making it all a reality! Together.

Tracy x x x

This post in our community from Tracy, our Founder in December 2020 is what got us going with our series of events that followed. Last week we ran a Vision Board Workshop and this week we are hosting our 90 Planning Challenge with a daily live at 10am. We record all of the sessions so you can catch up if you miss it.

Missing out? In need of some structure to how you approach 2021 in business? Come join us.

What our members are saying:

“I am managing homeschooling right now, so finding that really tough and not having time to plan ahead. This is why I want to be part of this challenge."
MPWR BC Member
“This is a magical first step for me, it’s the first time in ages I have really sat down to look at my business like this. So thank you for putting this on.”
MPWR BC Member