Sooo, last night we made a huge announcement to all of our members in our Facebook groups……..

We’re moving our Facebook Groups and starting the next chapter of this community on the 1st December 2020.

As many of you have shared with us, there’s simply so much more we can do together to connect with women just like us, develop our skills and ultimately thrive in business.

We’re excited to bring you together in our own dedicated space away from the noise and distractions of Facebook and create our own special world where we have:

So, what’s next? I’m glad you asked:

  • On the 1st of December we’re opening the doors to our new community.
  • During the next few weeks, we will share with you some more information about what you will find in our new spot, so keep an eye out.
  • On 1st December, we’ll officially launch the community with our own live event. Keep an eye out for details. In this event, we’ll share more about what we’re excited to do together, you’ll meet other members, and we’ll share what we’re planning to do in our new spot.
  • We’ll be archiving our Facebook Groups on 31st December 2020.