Clearing the Clutter: Really helps clear the head

Last week we focussed on Clearing the Clutter. It’s inspired by The Minimalists series on Netflix. 

We started out by suggesting that members watch that. One of our members at the start of the week said:

“I watched this a couple of days ago. I’ve started the challenge already. Old software and usb’s in my desk drawer. Oh it’s going to feel so good to LET IT ALL GO…”

Members worked together, attending the live sessions to learn all about how to approach this and be inspired by others who have already started out on this journey.

Seeing the before and after pics has been amazing. Members have shared loads of hacks with each other. It’s liberating to have a sort, to allow yourself to throw things away. It clears space in the mind – clears down some of those endless to do lists. With a little bit of time dedicated to de-cluttering each week you can make so much difference. We’re all spending so much more time in our homes now, it’s important to work towards making it the space we want it to be.

cleared pantry

Check out one of the before and after pics a member shared:

“I have a bag of things for a chap in the village, I know he is struggling at the moment so I popped him a message.

A few bits were out of date so that’s tea sorted 😂

…the rest has just been put back properly rather than just dumped – smaller packets into some old baskets that I found etc.

AND I can actually step inside. Much better, will probably save on my shopping bill too now I can see what I have!”

Here’s what our members have been saying in the challenge hub:

“I wasn’t planning on doing anything yesterday but rearranged my kitchen some more, our room and the lounge. When you have a lot less stuff it’s easier to do.”

“I have started in a different way – because it’s half term its not really practical for me to declutter properly…. So, rather than doing a half hearted job, I’ve marked time slots in my diary with which bits I’ll be tackling next week when she’s back at school.”

“I gave myself permission to throw away a make up palette that was expensive, but that I don’t really use. I’ve decided to only wear the make up that is my favourite (fave blush/bronzer/eyeshadow etc) and let the rest go.”

What a week. Have you started to de-clutter too?