Winning bids and tenders can make a real difference to small businesses;

 finding the right bid writer is a key part of this to ensure a successful, winning bid. 

Public sector organisations are stable, they’re not going to disappear overnight owing you thousands in unpaid invoices, and they pay quickly – they have to settle their invoices within 30 days as part of the Government’s Prompt Payment Policy. But writing a winning tender response takes time and skills that small business owners often don’t have, so they look to pass that job onto a bid writing consultancy. The choice of who you work with to develop your bid and tender strategy is vital. 

Our member Sarah Dixon shares why it’s so important to work with the right bid writer and what to consider when looking to hire one.

This workbook was created by MPWR Business Club Member, Sarah Dixon, Development Manager, Bid for Success

“Hello! Did you know the government has a target to spend £1 in every three with small businesses? And that public sector organisations have to pay within 30 days? Those are just some of the reasons that public sector contracts are a great way to stabilise and grow your small business. Think there aren’t tenders for your trade? Drop me a line and I’ll check for you with zero obligation.”