Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto for Change by Mary Portas

Mary Portas Work Like A WomanLast night we got together again to review this month’s book.  It really did spark some passionate debate about all sorts. Equality, gender imbalance, positive discrimination, the list goes on. 

We love the motto – JFDI. Just fu{king do it. We use it a lot around here.

Some felt it was more like a biography as opposed to a manifesto for change, there are not that many actionable takeaways from it. But it totally depends on experience in your career.

Nicki’s main takeaway from the book was the quote

“Be wholly, unapologetically wonderfully you, not who you think you need to be.”

She also loved that Mary talks a lot in the book about mentors. Learning from others – what to do and what not to do.

Kerry really related to Mary’s experience in her career, she worked in tech, a very male industry and was sucked into some similar situations to Mary. Whereas, others perhaps had not experienced that kind of thing, but still found the book incredibly interesting.
There’s a great list that Pascha pointed out to us a long way into the book – it was a big takeaway for her (page 108 if you’ve got the book!)

A quote that stands out in our community:

Collaboration. Alpha culture can be a lonely place, but together we are stronger. We cannot be successful unless we are surrounded and supported by talented people.

Have you read the book? We’d love to know what you thought? What did you learn?

Some of our members are Mary Portas Podcast fans too – it’s great, give it a listen.